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TPG A794 Cables

Technical Documentation
TPG (Axiohm) A794 Parallel Printer


This document applies to the following equipment:

a)    TPG (Axiohm) A794 Thermal Parallel Printer

How to connect the A794 Printer

The rear of the printer has a flip down cover which reveals all the printer cable connections. The various connections are identified on the diagram.

Figure 1 - TPG (Axiohm) A794 Cable Locations - Parallel Printer

The cable required to connect to the printer to the PC looks like the one below. It has the same connector on both ends of the cable, DB25M.

Figure 2 - Data Cable for Parallel Interface DB25M to DB25M

One end connects to the printer where indicated above, and one end connects to your PC. Below is shown the connector section of a typical PC.

Figure 3 - Rear connectors on a Typical PC Motherboard

The other end of your printer cable should connect up to point C as indicated on the diagram above.


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