InfoComm Engineering



The owner and Managing Director of InfoComm Engineering is Graeme Glenn. His Resume appears below.


Professional Experience

1996 - Current

InfoComm Engineering
10 Irvine Cres
Frankston, Vic 3199

Achievements & Experience

Manufacture, Assembly, Installation and Maintenance of Computer Systems, Networks and Backup Systems. (Windows 95/98/ME, Linux, Microsoft NT, NT Server, Windows 2000 & BackOffice based).

Point of Sale Systems

Communications & Systems Consultant

Investigation of Technical Management of companies including computer security issues.

Research for Patent Claims

Feb 2000 -
May 2001
Senior Communications Engineer
Clough Engineering Ltd

Defence & Communications Division
Level 1, 627 Chapel St
South Yarra, Vic, 3141


Analysis and Design of Communications system for Formation Light Electronic Warfare System

Design & Specification of EMI/EMC filtering requirements.

Procurement of System components.

Preparation of:

  • Presentations for Critical Design Review.
  • Project Documentation Templates.
  • Tenders for various projects.


Liaison with:

  • Hardware & Software project teams
  • Contractors & suppliers
  • Commonwealth representatives

Supervision & Mentoring of subordinate staff

Participation in Peer Reviews.

Responsible for Communications aspects for a variety of projects

Provision of Technical Advice on:

  • A wide range of Communications issues.
  • System Testing.

Development of Production Testing Systems

Preparation and Production of related documentation.

Feb 1999 -
Feb 2000


Test & Evaluation Manager
Redflex Communications Systems
Test & Evaluation Manager
11-29 Eastern Road
South Melbourne, Vic


Creation and Management of Test & Evaluation Department

Negotiation of:

  • Requirements with Purchaser
  • Contracts with Sub-Contractors

Preparation and Publication of all Test & Evaluation related documentation for AIR 5375 AIR DEFENCE RADAR SYSTEM (AADRS) TACTICAL AIR DEFENCE RADAR SYSTEM (TADRS). Documents include:

  • Master Test Plan
  • Factory Acceptance Test plan plus other testing plans.
  • System level testing procedures.
  • Maintenance of Verification Matrix for traceability.
  • 1500 pages of technical documentation.

Organisation of Environmental, EMI/EMC, Safety and ACA Certification.

Preparation of:

  • Presentations for Preliminary and Critical Design Reviews.
  • Automated Testing System Architecture Design.
  • Documentation Template used company wide.


Management of Redflex’s Test & Evaluation Department

Liaison with:

  • Hardware & Software project teams
  • Contractors & suppliers
  • Commonwealth representatives

Supervision & Mentoring of subordinate staff

Review of work by peers.

Preparation and Production of Test Related Documentation for Projects

1993 -
Feb 1999
Principal Engineer VHF Systems
Army Technology and Engineering Agency

Communications Engineering Unit
Raleigh Rd
Maribyrnong, Vic


Management of ATEA’s activities for:

  • Project WAGTAIL Radio System & Communications Harness.
  • Software modifications to the VHF Frequency Hopping Radio System.
  • The Base Repair Facility for project RAVEN:

Management and Implementation of survey of PRC-77’s in use on the Eastern Seaboard.

Management of Design and Implementation of a new automated testing facility for VHF Radio Systems.

Management and installation of a number of pilot network related schemes at ATEA.

Feasibility Studies for Microwave Links, Radar Systems.

Design of RF Power Amplifiers.


Project Management of large system developments & testing programs.

Liaison with Commonwealth Department of Defence agencies and Department of Defence contractors.

Management of ATEA's activities and act as Technical Authority for the Commonwealth on a number of projects with large software components.

Provision of Technical Advice on:

  • Network Related matters.
  • Microsoft Office products.

Instigation, Development & Maintenance of ATEA WWW site

1990 - 1993

Resident Engineering Liaison Officer
for Director Combat Net Radio - Army
and Engineering Development Establishment

Commonwealth Project Liaison Office - Project RAVEN
Directorate Combat Net Radio - Army
Material Division - Army
Department of Defence
Siemens Plessey Defence Systems United Kingdom

Havant, Christchurch & Ilford, United Kingdom

17 July 90 – 20 October 93


Successful liaison, negotiation, management and supervision of/with Siemens Plessey on behalf of Commonwealth of Australia

Negotiation of project technical and production problems under difficult circumstances.

Management of all aspects for the Commonwealth the RAVEN VHF Frequency Hopping Radio System development (The software component was a multi-million pound development) leading to successful:

  • Software Acceptance Testing
  • Hardware Acceptance Testing
  • Field trials & initial production.

Installation and management of electronic mail service between various UK sites and Australia.


As the Commonwealth representative on a joint venture development ensure the twice previously failed software development is successful.
Note: Final Cost of development was 19 million.

Commonwealth Technical Authority for software & hardware Development on Project RAVEN VHF Frequency Hopping Single Channel Radio System.

1986 - 1990

Project Leader
Engineering Development Establishment
Telecommunications Group
Communications Division
Raleigh Road
Maribyrnong, Vic
July 86 - 17 July 90


Management of Electrical and Environmental Design Verification Testing of all equipment and ancillaries comprising the:

  • RAVEN VHF Frequency Hopping Radio System,
  • Field Maintenance Facility for project RAVEN, and
  • Frequency Management Facility for project RAVEN.

Management of the development of an automated testing system for the VHF Radio System.

Management of EDE’s activities as Technical Authority for the:

  • RAVEN VHF Frequency Hopping Radio System,
  • Field Maintenance Facility for project RAVEN, and
  • Frequency Management Facility for project RAVEN.


Management and Co-ordination of large testing programs.

Management and Co-ordination of Commonwealth Department of Defence agencies and Commonwealth Defence contractors.

Systems and Requirements Analysis and Specification.

Project Leader & Technical Authority for Project RAVEN:

  • VHF Frequency Hopping Single Channel Radio System.
  • Maintenance Sub-System an automated field repair facility for VHF & HF Frequency Hopping Radio Systems.
  • Frequency Management Sub-System a VAX based automated frequency assignment and distribution system.

1983 - 1986

Systems Engineer
Williamstown Naval Dockyard (WND)
Electrical Drawing Office
Technical Services Branch
Department of Defence
Williamstown, Vic
21 September 83 - July 1986


Management of the installation of all Communications Equipment, Radar, Navigational Systems, Weapons Control Systems, and Communications Centres six months ahead of planned time for HMA Ships DERWENT, YARRA, SWAN, TORRENS, DARWIN, & PARRAMATTA.

Preparation of all specifications for electronic equipment for Australian Frigate Programme in 9 month period.

Design of Ethernet Communications Network for WND.


Manage subordinate draughting and engineering staff, allocate work and assign priorities.

Liase with and provide technical advice to production personnel.

System and Equipment Design and Installation of:

  • Complex Radio Systems, HF, VHF & UHF and SAT COMMS.
  • COMSEC Equipment
  • Computer Systems & Networks
  • Intercom & Telephone Systems
  • Weapons Systems
  • Navigational Systems

Prepare specifications and designs for the manufacture and installation of equipment.

1981 - 1983

Senior Technical Officer
Government Aircraft Factories (GAF)
Information Management Systems
Programme Management
Department of Defence Support
Fishermen’s Bend, Melbourne, Vic
27/4/1981 - 20/9/83


Investigation, Liaison and Analysis leading to report proposing solutions to a variety of problems incuding:

Report detailing the requirements, feasibility and design of a design detailing the design and cost benefits of Data Communications Networks at GAF linking a Burroughs and IBM Main Frame.

Report on the cost benefits of introducing Burroughs personal computers into technical and management areas at GAF.

Analysis, Design and Implementation of software to provide cost estimates based on learning curve techniques for the F18 programme.


Tutor – Digital Systems & Software
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
Department of Communication Engineering,
124 Latrobe St., Melbourne 3000.
1981, 1 year part- time contract.


Tutored and lectured in the following areas:

  • Pascal
  • Fortran
  • CDC operating systems
  • Assembler and
  • Systems Analysis

1977 - 1981

Technical Officer (Grades 1 & 2)
Government Aircraft Factories
Quality Assurance Department
Department of Industry and Commerce
Fishermen’s Bend, Melbourne, Vic
11/1/1977 - 26/4/81


Software and Hardware development for a Data General Nova 2 computer.

  • Analysis, Design and Implementation of software for Quality Assurance Department budget.
  • Design of IEEE 488 interface.
  • Reverse engineering of Data General Operating System to enable development of interface driver for IEEE 488 interface.
  • Analysis, Design and Implementation of software to collect and analyse thermocouple data to calibrate autoclaves.
  • Installation and configuration of stand alone operating system
  • Installation of Real Time Disk Operating System.
  • Development of other miscellaneous software.

Development of the theory of calibration, and a calibration system for a printed circuit board through hole plating tester.

Development of a test technique for testing the thermal runaway of transistors.

1975 - 1977

Technical Assistant (Grade 2)
Government Aircraft Factories
Research and Design Laboratories
Design and Development
Fishermen’s Bend, Melbourne, Vic
6/10/1975 - 10/1/77


Development of a computer program for a Reliability Testing programme.

Calibration of Laboratory Standards, and Sub-Standards and electronic equipment to NATA standards.