InfoComm Engineering


Take the Easy Path

IT & Communications Maintenance Needs for small to medium businesses

There are always a number of options you could pursue:

  • Employ someone either full time or part-time.
    But then questions arise such as:
    • how do you employ the right staff?
    • and if I do employ the right staff can I afford them?
    • Will I always have enough work to keep them employed?
  • Employ the services of a Computer Tech on a contract basis.
    There are always terms associated with anybody doing work for you, but do you need a formal contract? Contracts can be broken anyway, and they are not always easy to enforce. This cuts both ways.
  • Employ the services of InfoComm Engineering without formal contract.
    We don't require a formal contract to service your business or enterprise.  Call us when you need us for as much time or as little time as you need us.  If you don't like us, don't ask us again. If there is something you don't like we will see if we can accommodate you, or find some one who can.

Our Normal Terms and Conditions for services

  1. Payment for Services within 30 days of the date of service.
  2. Goods & Equipment - 7 days for amounts under $2000
    Goods & Equipment for amounts of $2000 or more COD, Direct Deposit, or by PayPal with 2.5% surcharge. Goods will not be delivered without payment unless other arrangements are negotiated.
  3. There is 2.5% per month interest charge on all over due accounts.
  4. Accounts over 90 days will be charged debt recovery fees and referred to our debt collector.  Once referred the debt recovery fee cannot be waived.
  5. Goods remain the property of InfoComm Engineering until fully paid.
  6. All warranty on goods are void if warranty or other labels are found to be tampered with.
  7. Warranty on Computer Parts is normally 12 months from date of supply or invoice which ever is the earlier.
  8. Warranty does not cover damage to other equipment used in conjunction with goods.
  9. Items returned under warranty will be charged at the standard hourly rate if found to be not faulty.
  10. Warranty does not cover act of God which includes power surges from lightning strikes etc.
  11. Warranty does not cover consequential loss from loss of data. Customers should have appropriate backup systems in place.
  12. All courier and insurance costs will be borne by the customer.
  13. The hourly rate charged may not be disclosed to any third party.


What sort of things need service?

You may be asking why I would need such a service. Here are some suggested reasons:

  • Back-up systems need to be implemented.
  • Database, Email systems etc need installation.
  • Database Administration.
  • Documentation need your document your system information, Quality Systems, procedures or other systems.
  • File Server needs to be installed to centralize file storage enable better collaboration and backup.
  • Internet service needed for one or more users with a firewall installed to protect all machines.
  • Network installation.
  • Upgrades or replacement needed of machines but still keeping existing environment, work files, mail accounts information etc intact.
  • Workstation Desktop PC maintenance needed for a number of machines including regular, backup, virus & spyware, scanning, hard drives defragmention, software installation etc.